I had a lot of fun this week because I was making a website and I love making websites with my friends. I would not do video games, but I do still like them so I will have to deal with what i chose. I will continue posting these helpful things well right now I have not, but next week and beyond I will start posting things about video games. I will keep posting things about video games, I will add some more things to have a wider variety to have more of a audience. If you did not know These posts were in camp edmo so with out my instructor and leader. Thank you and enjoy!1280x720-mCQ.jpg


What you should expect from me?

The posts I do is mostly my opinions, but to make it the most accurate and informing. My posts will be a good way to check if you want to buy it, say you want to buy Planet Coaster which it is 44.99 to buy and you might check on my blog if it is worth it which it is. Hope you like pictures and videos on blogs because I will be doing that at least once a week. I do post one thing per day ( maybe more ) so pay attention if you think I am informing

Thank You!

Things about me

My name is Jakob or on youtube NevertobeEver and I like a lot of games, but of course every body does not like every game.

First some things about me, first my favorite game is Planet Coaster because I love amusement parks. Also, I like cats which is why I have 3 cats two kittens! I play things on my laptop the most like Roblox and Minecraft. Then, I like to listen to music. Last, my least favorite game is Animal Jam. I have one rule which is not to hate on me or other people it is kind of mean only for a good reason.